Posted in February 2016

When did BREAD become the enemy?

LIPSTICK ON eating a piece of toast, typing my blog for today..   to update you , I made a “DISLIKE “comment on my Facebook page in reference  to Oprahs WW BREAD commercial and I got some great comments that I’d like to expand on so I thought I’d share it in my blog too. … Continue reading

what INTENSITY are you training??

what INTENSITY are you training??

As a trainer, when I ask  a client using, “PERCEIVED EXERTION”  to TELL ME the Level of INTENSITY they are training at, I find their perception of a the higher number is Not as INTENSE as they think they are training, then I’ll tell them what level I think they’re training at and we’ll adjust … Continue reading

LIVE Training Sessions via SKYPE

LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS via SKYPE ARE You thinking about TRAINING via SKYPE? I can COACH you through your workout. I can COACH you through a TRX Suspension Training session teaching you TECHNIQUE so you don’t get hurt. I can COACH you with Nutrition. ASK yourself… Does your workout program need help? Are you doing the … Continue reading