I Reflect and I smell BACON.. t’hehe

it’s Sunday June 25th and I’m back from my 7 day trip to Colorado.  My last run was 14 days ago even though I trained while I was away with weights and cardio stair climb but as far as running 3 miles, that just didn’t happen.  

I feel like my lungs are still back in Colorado at their much much higher elevation challenging my body to the max during my first mile today to satisfy my body’s need for AIR…. oy!  hahaha  I sucked wind and survived!   Looking forward to my next run since that won’t be as hard… hmmmm see POSITIVE THINKING already put in place.  t’hehe

So when I run, it’s my time to REFLECT, to MEDITATE, to “take in” the beauty of  the colors around me, the smell of Honey Suckle, the adjustment my body makes after getting the kinks out, the sound of my steps against the gravel and the occasional smell of fresh scented laundry as a cyclist whizzes by me.  

then there are the runs with me girlfriends, where if you are anywhere in ear shot distance of us, you will HEAR US coming.. laughing, talking, moaning and groaning and LAUGHING our whole run.  We discuss our lives, our kids, our husbands, our jobs, our foods, our LIFE.  I love these runs too.  Both are equally important to me and help me as person to learn and grow.  

On my return run back to my house, (the trail is at the end of my street) I have different smells and sights.. The smell of cinnamon and I think, OH someone’s making french toast, the smell of BACON hahahah nuff said , “I LOVE BACON’  and the sights of people coming out of their homes getting into their cars to go to church.  

My church is outside.. I was super active in a brick and mortar church for many many years and I still go now and again, but my spirit takes me to the outdoors to reflect with God, to talk with God, and even at times,  to bitch at God. 

I look at my time outside running in God’s world as peaceful, self fulfilling and calming.  My time with my girlfriends is my Christian Fellowship.  

I’m thankful every night for my Health, my Life,  my husband and daughter and granddaughter, the opportunity to be a Personal Trainer who still after 36 years in the gym, still has the PASSION to share and teach the benefits of HEALTH and FITNESS.  

Say thank you each night to your higher power, to what “source” you speak to during your quite times and remember, “If you don’t take care of your body, where ya gonna live?” 

gratefully yours

this picture is the most fabulous sunrise at Red Rocks Colorado… just breathlessly beautiful

Suanne  IMG_0298


4 thoughts on “I Reflect and I smell BACON.. t’hehe

  1. Beautifully written….I feel the same about running – and being in nature – it’s my meditation along with creating art in my studio. You are an inspiration Suanne, and really enjoy your writings and all that you share…..Thanks.

    • thanks T.. we need to find Peace and Quite so we can reflect and enjoy Calm in this crazy fast busy non stop world we live in. .. one day I’m going to visit your studio hugs xo

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