“Oy! good thing you’re in shape for…

the shape you’re in!”  hahaha!  This has always been a joke between me and my husband, The Mikester.  I’ve had my share of surgeries, injuries and at the present,  I’m dealing with my 11th day of the nasties.. “diarrhea” YUCK!!


WHAT the effff!  I was in Colorado for a fitness thing then visiting my girlfriend then 1 week after I came home.. BAM it started so it’s not related to the trip. My detective hat is on and I’m NO Sherlock Holmes for this mystery.. USUALLY I can figure most things out with my body.  I’m so in tune with how my body works, how I react to foods, drinks, etc;… REALLY, I can tell you where the poop is in my bowel and how soon I’ll go.. EEWWW freaky crazy but I’ve always been that way since I’ve been into health for more than 1/2 my lifetime.

Since I journal my foods it’s NOT my food,

Nothing new,

nothing different,

No meds,

No change in anything in my life,

No IBS (had that when I started at the Y back in 1992, oy the stress almost killed me, (OK OK I’m exaggerating)  but those first 4 weeks left me diarrhea drained that I got “scoped” to make sure there were no issues .. it was stress)

NOTHING NEW .. period!

I still train and do my cardio ( AFTER and in between, LOL)

I did go to my family doc and she’s like.. OH you’re so healthy, you still have an appetite, you’re still working out, you have no cramping, no pain, you have healthy hair, skin and nails with no other NO PROBLEMS other than Poooping (my day away.)   Sheesh!  She’s Not Concerned… hmmm I’m on the fence with that statement.

So in the meantime, it’s time for the,  “60 Year Old” colonoscopy which I do have an appt to see the GI doc in 5 days, how convenient .. rolling my eyes!  Here’s the kicker.. my fam doc says, OH good you have that appt., tell him about your diarrhea.  hmmmm uuuuuh  HELLO I willlllll.  sarcasm flowing from my body language 😉

So NOW, i’m contemplating, do I go to the EmergiCenter, I’m certainly not going to the ER since I’m not in any distress.  I’m not dehydrated since I drink till the cows come home and am sipping Pedialyte alll day, ewww,  how do kids drink this shit, ugh!  CHEERS!! 

do I have a “bug” up my butt?  OMG can I say JUST STAY OFF THE INTERNET if you’re looking at parasites since those images alone will make you want to go for a run to get rid of the heeebbbie geeeebies creeepy crawleeeee’s so I clicked off of that.  although I did read about 1 bug that eats the food you eat and then you’re hungry again.. I think  I have that BUG and he’s eating all my food the little fucker,  because I am eating twice as much now just trying to maintain my bodyweight, after all I may be eating for 2’ish … BUT MY DOCTOR IS NOT CONCERNED.     Of course I researched info like Celiacs and other autoimmune diseases but nothing really fits my, ” Feeling Great while Having Diarrhea Symptoms”  😉

fyi.. mini RANT —Last year my doc and her physician assistant let a “summer cold,”  her diagnosis,  turn into pneumonia after I told her I had to get on a plane in 10 days and I KNOW it’s more than a cold because  dammit I JUST KNOW.  NOPE she would not give me a thing until 3 days later  I could not breathe then she gave me the wrong antibiotic so 3 days later I got worse and got a different antibiotic and then 2 more days go by and I’m getting worse, like breathing through a straw worse,  so THEN she Finally give me the horrible medral dose pack of prednisone that I ASKED FOR 6 days earlier and I still got worse 2 days before I was to get on the plane so off to the hospital I go for chest x-rays and x-ray shows.. BAM… left lung Peee’neumonia.. ya know, uuuuh I do believe I mentioned during my 4 total (not free) visits to her office that I was really sick.  Needless to say, I had to cancel my flight to LA, my hotel, my conference and my extended vacation while on that coast.  sad sick face ;-(

I think I need a NEW DOCTOR… just say’in!!!  

fingers crossed IMODIUM will work since taking 1/2 a pill did not work so now I’ll try a whole one.  I know I know, I shoud have taken it days ago but coming from the world of constipation that shit (hahahahhaha)  scares me.  I think I’d rather go then not go, ya know!!!   t’hehe!

ok no more talk about poop..

xoxo Suanne




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