When did BREAD become the enemy?

LIPSTICK ON eating a piece of toast, typing my blog for today..   to update you , I made a “DISLIKE “comment on my Facebook page in reference  to Oprahs WW BREAD commercial and I got some great comments that I’d like to expand on so I thought I’d share it in my blog too.

I want to start by saying that I’m not diss’ing WW, in fact I was on the WW program back in 1979 to kick start my 2 years of yo yo diet experience.   😉 😉
WW has come a long way with their approach to a healthy nutrition plan and I’m good with that.

sunflower bread

My DISLIKE was the comment about that fact that Now You Can Eat BREAD which is very good marketing on WW & Oprahs’s part actually, and it did get your attention right? Somewhere on the fast moving Diet Train of the Newest, Latest and Greatest Diet Plans and Books out there in this Multi Billions of Dollars Industry, Bread became the ENEMY along with carbs. (lets not mention what people put between 2 slices of bread or sch’meeeere on top of the bread that makes for a calorie loaded sammie but bread became the problem)

I’m no goodie two shoes in the world of DIETs (which btw I hate that word becasue it’s really like DIE’ing while your DEPRIVING) ha!
HECK, I’ve done pretty much every diet out there from the age of 13 taking GRAPEFRUIT to school with me in a margarine container everyday to eat before I ate my lunch to a version of Atkins.

Between 1979 and 1982 I “dieted” and always “journaled” along the way using my notes as a tool to Teach me what worked and what didn’t. Then the light bulb went off in 1983 and I understood, learned and realized it’s all about Portion Control (which my journaling was key to showing me this, like homework) which is what I’ve been Preaching and Teaching since then. Did you buy my book? OH wait, I didn’t write one, DAMN!!!

When the NEWest greatest Diet Plans would hit TV and Social Media airwaves I knew there would be people “asking ME” what I thought about it (even though they already knew what I’d say) so YES I would “go on” a trail time frame of this new nutrition adventure for a few months to Experience what Low Carb, No Carb, High Carb, No Fat, Blood Type Diet, Combine your Foods Diet, Metabolism Diet, Protein Power, G I Diet and even the No Coffee diet, don’t do that one, lol, would be like, and how I would feel, could I get off the couch to train, did I have any energy to train, what were my cravings, etc. This way I could HELP my clients or friends who were going to do it …because lets just put it out there.. I know they are going to “do it” anyway because no one has PATIENCE for to wait for results and everyone wants RESULTS YESTERDAY.. I regressed. sorry….. because this way I can make sure they are eating good healthy nutritious foods while they are “trying” this “new” “diet” at the moment. It truly does come back to the basics of portion control.

let talk simple math…
3500 calories = 1 pound
*to lose just 1/2 a pound you need a DEFICIT of 250 calories per day = 1750 per week X 4 weeks = 2 pound weight loss (7,000 calories)
*to lose 1 pound you need a DEFICIT of 500 calories per day = 3500 per week X 4 weeks – 4 pound weight loss (14,000 calories)

Sooo Suanne, where do you get this DEFICIT you ask??
well if you like to eat… hahaahaa, opps I regressed again! .. you either eliminate 250 cal or 500 cal per day and you will lose that 1/2 or 1 lb.
say you only want to cut back 250 cal per day and you’d like to lose 1 pound per week, then you need to EXERCISE to use that 250 for energy and so on…. get it?

also… REMEMBER those EXERCISE DEVICES you are wearing and even the gym equipment that TELL YOU how many calories you’re burning, that thing does not know your MUSCLE to FAT ratio so the number you’re seeing is a “GENERAL” number pre-programmed for whatever weight you enter, not exactly YOUR number of calories you’re burning. Muscle burns lots of FAT for Fuel so PUMP IRON PEOPLE!!! if you have more muscle on your body, YOU WILL BURN/UTILIZE MORE CALORIES for Exercise. simple math, right? 🙂

ok this is a lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH to some but to many who hung in there to read down to this point.. these numbers MAKE SENSE.
Simple!! Calories in – Calories OUT by way of cutting back on your portions, making healthy choices, adding exercise to your life and having PATIENCE.

The older we get, the longer it takes.. now that is a whole new TOPIC for another day.

let me also point out, if I may, the word, ” MOTIVATION!!” when anyone starts something/anything new there is always MOTIVATION to get started, but most dive in balls to the walls becasue MORE WORKING OUT IS BETTER, and STARVING IS BETTER RIGHT to lose weight, RIGHT, RIGHT? They quickly lose that MOTIVATION because now this new way of eating or exercising seems more like a job, a task, something I HAVE TO DO. (hence those New Years Resolution People at the gym for 3 months and then they are gone gone gone) THEN THEY STOP and START ALLLLL OVER AGAIN on the NEWEST LATEST GREATEST DIET.

MODERATION with everything ya’ll. Ease your way into and along any new change in your life TEACHING and LEARNING what it is that will work for you and PLEASE STICK to it. It truly does take 4 weeks to develop a habit then 8 weeks for it to become a habit then 12 weeks for it to become a LIFE STYLE.

my conclusion if you’re still with me down here in this post is … Calories IN and Calories OUT, Portion Control and Exercise.. nuff said wink emoticon

(side note to the exercise devices.. they have pre-loaded programs that will give you a number of calories burning according to the “weight” you enter into the device. These devices will not give you, YOUR individual caloric burn berceuse it does not know your EXERCISE INTENSITY or what your Muscle to Fat ratio is so these numbers lead to a FALSE CALORIE DEFICIT that most people rely on. Whatever that number is, just know you probably burned LESS )

(second side note about bread, NOT ALL BREADS ARE CREATED EQUAL 🙂  read the ingredients and if you can not pronounce any of them and there are an arms lenght list, don’t eat it. Whole Natural Grainy Breads are best and most are between 80 to 120 calores per slice. I personally eat Ezekil Flourless Breads made from Sprouted Grains, same goes for tortillas, pitas and english muffins.


ok boyz and girlzzzzz I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of my book… oh wait, duh I need to write a book!!!!!

xoxox Suanne
ps.. if you see any typeO’s, let me know. I’ll have to fire my Proofreader 😉

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