You’re more fun now that you drink! what??

One time a nephew said to me, Auntie Suanne, you’re more fun now that you drink.” hmmm that was a strange comment to me in my mind since 2 glasses of wine are pretty much my limit over many hours and I never get drunk, well ok when I was 16 I drank/chugged Colt 45 outta the bottle, hanged my head out the window and puked all over the outside of Al Ferraros green mustang.. needless to say, he never asked me out again… ba’hahah and that was the 2nd time as a teen I got drunk and puked and never again!!!!

History – I drank wine on occasion in my early 20’s in the late 70’s then discovered Health and Fitness in 1980 and really didn’t, “Want” any type of alcohol until 2007 when my daughter got married I had a glass or two of wine.

Then I added wine back into my FIT lifestyle having a glass or two only on the weekends. December 2015 was my last glass of vino during the holidays and I really don’t miss it, especially what the alcohol did to my body. Even though I’m FIT and eat clean all the time, those few glasses maybe 4 over each weekend added up and went right to my abs/belly. I had  belly fat during my 180 pound up and down yo yo dieting in the late 70’s/early 80’s trying to FIND the perfect diet that worked for me. (lost the same damn 60lbs 3 times.. duh!!! lesson learned)

HA! turns out Wise Choices, Moderation, Eat S L O W and stop when you’re FULL (portion control) was what I found was the PERFECT combo for me and ba’bye to “diets” forever.

WILL I HAVE WINE evvvvv’er again somone asked me?  Hmmm, if I WANT a glass I’ll have it but I gotta tell ya, it’s not on my list of things to do with my body at this moment.  I’d rather see my abs and feel good about me, for me than to be frustrated having belly fat and “trying to lose it”..  It’s all choices we make in life!!!

so back to FUN!!!! FUN is in the eye of the beholder.. FIT People Feel, See and Get the WHY’s of what we all do to be fit never question or comment about how we eat or the lack of what we drink and and and they, GET the WHO we are.

The other side of Fit are people who see us as Extreme, Over the Top, No Fun, Boring etc… and many live in the life of “alcohol, sugar and extra body fat” everyday as their “norm” waking up tired, sluggish, bags under their eyes, dull skin, broken body with aches and pains from really doing nothing. Heck getting aches and pains from USING our bodies training is rewarding to us …. right???

We the FIT are the Minority, we’re the people who know what Real peanut butter TASTES like, we know what food in it’s natural state TASTES like without added fats, sugars, sauces, cheeses, etc and YES, we do ENJOY our foods and actually LOVE the taste, hard to believe right?

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it.. Some people NEED NEW FRIENDS to reach their Healthy Fit POTENTIAL if that is their desire. Hanging with the same overweight/over fat friends and trying to make changes rarely are successful since your friends will SABOTAGE your efforts. Same goes with Spouses but now that is the hard part. since you can’t change spouses.. hahahahah – then you must put your Desires, Needs, Dreams ahead of him/her to Become your BEST YOU for you. Spouses Sabotage too!!!!  it’s YOUR Choice once again.

everything I’ve written above is the same TOPIC’s of Nutrition, Life Style changes I’ve been coaching weight loss clients about for 35+ years.

BOTTOM LINE.. If you WANT IT BADLY enough, YOU’LL DO what you need to do to get it done. NO EXCUSES!!  It’s only Food, not entertainment and not a REWARD, you’re not a dog!   HARSH WORDS I know.. deal with it!  I’m a Trainer not your Mommy!

NOTE TO WOMEN  50 and OVER .. Menopause is Not a Fat Sentence.  I’m  60 in this picture with stretch marks, sun spots, lose skin but it beats the alternative, right?

happy eat’s ya’ll


happy to have abs vs belly fat.. .my choice to eat clean and no alcohol 😉


4 thoughts on “You’re more fun now that you drink! what??

  1. that is why you look so good! 60! you got it going on girl! ….I agree about the alcohol – I believe true fitness includes nutrition and how we embrace our physical being on a daily basis. I think of my body as a temple….a sacred place that I want to keep as pure as possible!! You are a true inspiration – I like what you say about menopause not being a ‘fat sentence’! and I also love love love the fact that you don’t try to hide sunspots and parts of aging that none of us can control….Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • thanks so much T.. yes we can try to ease our stretch marks, sun spots, crepe’d skin but somethings its’ better to embrace it then to be consumed by it. Hey I use to be years ago but not it’s like, this is who I am and someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to look right… lol
      xoxo thanks for your comment

      YOU also embrace age and are living proof that putting our Health first, we reap all the rewards. xoxo hugs

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