what INTENSITY are you training??

MAN SWEATING after class

As a trainer, when I ask  a client using, “PERCEIVED EXERTION”  to TELL ME the Level of INTENSITY they are training at, I find their perception of a the higher number is Not as INTENSE as they think they are training, then I’ll tell them what level I think they’re training at and we’ll adjust their intensity which will be to, “push it more.”  What is a TRUE level 6, 7 or 8?  We they evaluate their EFFORT and put the “right” PE number with the work load, then they say… OOOOOOHHHHHHH ok I get it now!  huff huff puff  puff 😉


Rate of Perceived Exertion Definition:

A number on a scale of 0-10 that quantifies how hard you feel you are exercising during your workout.

Your rating is determined by paying attention to your overall effort, fatigue, and breathing during exercise. 0 represents no effort and 10 represents maximal effort.

This method has YOU the exerciser validating your own level of exertion so by just bending over to put your shoes on you might say, “ WHEW, THAT’S a level 5”  when in reality it’s just a level 0 or 1 depending if you’re pulling boots on or tying your sneakers. Maybe you have a BELLY in the way and it’s challenge to tie your shoes so you might call that a level 3.

OK I’m NOT mean; it’s just a reality check and my experience from being a Trainer for the past 30+ years helping clients meet their goals. Everyone struggles with finding the right PE.

A lot of FITNESS CLASSES use this method vs. the Heart Rate formula to determine how hard you are working.

BOTTOM LINE…  IF you are using this method to determine your LEVEL OF FITNESS, you may NOT be on the right path to your meeting your GOAL since you are UNDER Estimating your own level of exertion.

You pretty much need to up the intensity and not THINK you are exercising at a level 7, 8 or even 9 on this scale.  In REALITY, you may only be working at a level 4 or 5  and  at this rate, it’ll take you longer to reach your goal.

If and when you BECOME COMFORTABLE “during” Fitness… PUSH YOURSELF a bit more to STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE into the UNCOMFORTABLE stage and hang in there for 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully feel this intensity, … not only will you improve your FITNESS LEVEL, you will REACH YOUR GOAL at tad quicker.

xo Suanne

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