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yes long time No Blog from me I know..but now I have something to say 😉

This time of year I get a lot of questions about Training, Weight Gain, How to CHANGE my body, etc.. below is a reply to an email I received so I thought I’d SHARE it with you since you might have one of these questions and maybe just MAYBE, something below will HELP YOU OUT and get you through the holidays and into the New Year with a NEW outlook on YOUR Health and Fitness.

She speaks of taking fitness classes and not being able to lose weight…….

my reply begins ……classes are great for stamina, endurance and burning calories since classes are for the most part continually moving and lasting between 30 to 60+ minutes. With that said, it is not the “ideal” way to “gain muscle” to become more metabolically active or to make great changes in your physique… that takes more “INTENSE” weight training focusing on each muscle group with roughly 8 to 12 sets of one exercise per muscle group depending on the look you’re going for and the time one has to spend in the gym. And of course with more muscle you have, the more calories you burn from resting to training and will remain at a higher level of BURN way after exercising. Yes I’m OLD SCHOOL and the clients that listen to me and train this way make the changes in their bodies sooner than later.

So say you cannot afford the time or your body is not at this fitness level yet what do you do?? Well, you continue your classes, but try to get a day or two in the gym to focus ON specific muscle group training and of course Nutrition is key.

Most women and men say their nutrition is spot on and they don’t understand why they can’t lose weight. I can say your nutrition is Not spot on if you can’t lose weight. Calories IN and Calories OUT is very important but the problem with that is MOST people REPLACE the calories they just burned. Or they THINK they burned more that they did because the machine said so.. grrr that is another pet peeve of mine that I won’t get into at the moment.

Food Journaling is the best, this way you can see each day exactly what calories you are truly consuming. Most people hate it but I say you didn’t graduate from school without doing your homework so you won’t be successful with Nutrition unless you educate yourself about yourself.
Yes muscle takes up less space than fat…

Most people feel they trained hard and are hungry so they eat GOOD FOOD but even too much GOOD FOOD adds up to either replacing the calories they burned which puts you right back at square one OR they eat too much over and above what they actually burned and say they are gaining weight working out. (yes some may be muscle)

There is work to be done to have the body you truly want and a program that you can MAINTAIN everyday but the hard part is the beginning. After years of paying your dues in the gym, hitting the weights, keeping your body fat at a Healthy Level and finding a way to fit your fitness in at least 5 to 6 days a week every week, every month all year long, you will be able to “maintain” maybe gaining a pound or two here and there but never sliding off the Nutrition band wagon that you gain lots of weight back. That is what 90% of people who “DIET” do and that is why they are not successful.

It takes 21 days to get in the groove and then another 21 days for anything to become “more of a habit” than not and then another 21 days when your body is understanding what the new lifestyle is and “has become a HABIT” and then another 21 days/3 months to TRULY make noticeable changes in your body not to mention all the Health Bennies too. In all REALITY after the age of 30 I tell my clients give yourself 6 MONTHS of all of the above. Be patient, you have to live those days anyway so why not LIVE them like this right?

In the “real world” as some people call it they do not have the luxury to hit the gym more than 2 times a week sooo that is when you invest in some hand weights and train at home. Bodyweight training is awesome and is the PERFECT WAY TO CROSS TRAIN along with adding your cardio days with either fitness classes, DVD’s, taking speed walks, running, biking, etc.

so keep on track, and add some specific training sessions to your workouts and TRACK YOUR FOOD honestly and you will make the progress you’re looking for.

(she has a back issue) most important.. LISTEN TO YOU BODY and progress slowly. You’ll know if it works after you try something new and it hurts or aggravates your back then you back off a few days or so then start back up slowly. I’ve done this for over 35 years since my spine is not the best but I don’t let it stop me, it just sets me back here and there.


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