are you scared of being fat & overweight?

Let me tell you that its never to late to get FOCUSED and get a hold of your health.

Client Angie is training with me 12 years.
She just turned 60.
She just had a health scare that she is pre-diabetic.
She is overweight.
She is strong and fit but not in Health.

ALL people go to Trainers or workout for many many reasons. Some people just LUV pumping iron. MOST people hate Cardio. EVERYONE hates to watch what they eat and NO one WANTS to be Fat and No one WANTS Diabetes.

So Angie has trained with me forrrr’ever it seems –and YOYO Dieted years and years. It really doesn’t MATTER she goes to a Trainer as far as weight control goes in her mind, she comes to me for Strength and Bone Density she’ll tell you. Which she has both awesome strength and perfect bone density for a 60 year old menopausal woman.

She’s had 2 back surgeries from congenital issues and she did GREAT with recovery since SHE was strong and her back muscles were strong and stable. Unfortunately she did gain 10 lbs with each surgery and she was out of the gym for 6 to 12 weeks each surgery.

“Weight just seems to PILE UP like dirty laundry, I use to be able to lose 5 lbs like THAT when I was younger” she said.

This last surgery was Jan 2014 and I didn’t see her for 12 weeks which is a life time to anyone who works out.

All these years, we’ve talked about nutrition, she’s answer my questions about her nutrition, I gave her every angle there is on and about nutrition, I offered her the option of using some of her sessions for Nutrition Counseling, I did what every Trainer does but it’s NOT UP TO US.. its up to HER, it’s up to YOU. It’s your decision, you have to do the work outside the gym, outside your 1 hour appointment 2 times a week. And that is WHERE failure comes in.

FAILURE is a nasty word, No one wants to FAIL. But sometimes it’s tough love and Trainers need to refer to that word especially when HEATH CONCERNS are a REALITY.

20 extra pounds, pre-diabetic, frustrated, depressed, self esteem is at it’s all time LOW!

She says, “I DO NOT want to be DIABETIC! I refuse, I refuse, I refuse” So we talked about portion control, we talked about Choices, we talked about not going out to eat all the time and COOKING her own food.

I asked her if she REMEMBERS how she felt years and years ago before the weight gain what what she remembers.

She remembers being able move better

She remember bring able to breath better

She remembers being able to bend over without her belly in the way
She remembers wearing awesome shoes
She remembers wearing fun clothes, not fat clothes
She remembers having just 1 size clothing in her home (not boxes of 4 different sizes to go back and forth to)
She remembers being able to sit in her car and drive comfortably with not fighting to get the seatbelt over all of her
She remembers being able to travel with one small bag to pack her smaller clothes that fit better in a suit case
She remembers “seeing” other fat overweight people and wondered why they let themselves go

Here is the kicker… SHE is a Nurse. She KNOWS the health risks associated with obesity. She KNOWS about the COMPLICATIONS that come from Diabetes and NOW she’s SCARED!!! FINALLY.

She now walks everyday. Some days are on the treadmill but most are outside. She may only walk 1 mile and other days walk 5 miles but SHE WALKS.

She chooses how she eats and chooses when she’s hungry and HOW MUCH she will eat.

She is NOW just 6 pounds away from her starting weight 12 years ago and will be in the best shape of her adult life very soon at age 60. She is still pre-diabetic with lower blood sugar numbers  but with another 10lb weight loss she will not have diabetes…. YAH HER!

so the moral of the story is this… don’t WAIT for your doctor to tell you that you are pre-diabetic or you already are diabetic, that you are one step away from a heart attack, that you have high blood pressure, that you have all of the above.

Stop and Think. Put YOURSELF first. BECOME YOUR BEST YOU that YOU can be!!!!! And then you can think about your family, your significant other, your husband, your wife, your children, your parents and your friends.

Best in health to you is all I can hope for as a Trainer. I can’t make you do it, I can only HOPE you do it for YOU!




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