Results or EXCUSES ?

Excuses – Fail/Succeed – Dependency – Impress Others – Mindset – Wasted Energy – Change – Anger- Frustration and EMPOWER

do you see YOUSELF in any of those words above? Here I’ll break it down for you..

*Excuses.. got a few that keep you from reaching your goal?

*Fail Succeed – you FAIL at Succeeding to reach your goal for whatever reason you have?

*Dependency- you depend on other to help you reach your goal and/ or you Depend that your excuses help you to take that path of least resistance through life because it’s comfortable and easy.

*Impress Others- “Your” goal is to Impress others because you need “that” validation since you don’t give it to yourself

*Mindset – YOUR mind is getting in your way.

*Wasted Energy- you waste your energy trying to reach the same goal day in-day out and never get there but keep trying for all the wrong reasons

*Change – you’re looking for change in one area or many areas of your life

*Anger – and you’re sooo Angry when you just don’t get there

*Frustration – grrrrrrrrrr

*EMPOWER – NOW you got it! Its time to EMPOWER YOURSELF to Stop the Dependency on Excuses that you Fail to SUCCEED. CHANGE your Mindset and STOP Wasting Energy with Frustration and Anger. Reach your goal for YOU, not to Impress Others.

Results or Excuses

Results or Excuses


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