Eat for Muscle Gain, FAT LOSS and Maintenance

Protein Protein Protein

and you see #NO CARB diet where?  NOT HERE!

Eat your #PROTEIN people… whatever protein you do eat is fine. I personally am a Pecatarian who is a person who eats all Fish, Seafood and Dairy. No meat, turkey, chicken, etc for 8 years now. I get my proteins not only from the above mentioned foods but from cottage cheese, plain yogurts that I add my own fruit too,  nut butters and beans. (updated 2015 and I am once again eating meat)

Roast, Steam, Raw #Veggies, emmmmm — throw them in soups, salads, smoothies, sandwiches, etc.

#FRUIT…REMEMBER….eating fruit all day keeps your blood sugar levels up and you pancreas is always releasing insulin which helps to keep FAT on our bodies. Eat a few pieces of fruit a day and you’ll be fine, but don’t snack on it alllllll day at your desk at work. Pair Fruit up with some FAT and you’ll slow the absorption of SUGAR down. Fruit and a smal piece of cheese, fruit with peanut butter, get the idea?

Quality #Carbs that GROW like Quinoa, beans, brown rice, barley, potatoes, etc are awesome. You SHOULD eat these if you like them, and then again, 1 serving per meal, not a bag of rice 

I love #BREAD and I will always eat it. For the most part I eat Ezkiel Breads which are FLOURLESS breads made from Sprouted Grains. This bread is awesome Toasted with peanut butter and jelly or a slice of cheese and I make French Toast with it. I still love a good grainy solid bread to make my Caprese Grilled Cheese sandwiches on.

#DAIRY.. i’ll never give up cheese or eggs since I personally love both. If eaten in moderation and you do not have allergies to dairy or inflammation issues, dairy and eggs in my Nutrition Counceling is fine.

#FATS.. 125 cal per tablespoon so a calorie is a calorie even with the GOOD OILS so be MINDFUL when using oils. FATS are good for us, for our skin, our whole body in general. So many bennies. FAT FREE stuff is loaded with Sugar and other ingredients you can’t pronounce so STAY AWAY from Fat Free. Eat the “real stuff”… 1 portion and you’ll be more satisfied and not feel deprived from the foods you like.

#SUGAR I personally had my fill of sugar over the month of December with chocolate & Christmas cookies and NEED TO STEP AWAY from sugar for now….hahahahha I will always have WHAT I WANT TO EAT and ENJOY it. If you’re one of those people wo can’t have 1 and eat the whole bag or box, then you need to ONLY have a piece or two with friends… Friends can help REMIND you, you already had 2 pieces….LOL

#Alcohol.. I like wine and an occasional beer, 3 glasses over a weekend is enough for me and for my liver ;-))))

#Snacks for me are
*organic white popcorn that I pop myself,
*apple or celery with peanut butter,
*nuts with some raisins,
*piece of toasted Ezekiel Raisin Toast with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese on top with a swirl of natural organic apple butter.
*plain yogurt with a scoop of prograde chocolate protein powder… emmmm it tastes like PUDDING
*Avocado with tomato topped with some balsamic

OOOOOH and I could go on and on, LOL

Nutrition, get the picture?

xoxo Suanne  find me here ;-)))


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