I ate the Candy (sad face) Guilty as Charged??? not anymore!

I love candy… and if I’m going to eat it, I will ENJOY a few pieces and be totally GUILT FREE.  (now this is the 50 & over me talking now but that has not always been the case)

OK I’ve said ALL the things below in my “Younger” days when I was totally crazy obsessive about diet diet diet, counting every single calorie and I know I drove everyone around me crazy.

Today is the day after Halloween and I know many of you have said things like…

“I have NO willpower so I’m NOT buying Candy till the 31st

“I only buy candy I DON’T LIKE this way I won’t eat it”

“I don’t hand out candy any more, I only buy small bags of pretzels so I won’t eat it”

“ I feel so guilty eating candy, I did soooo good all week”

“ well, I blew it I may as well eat it till it’s all gone and start over again”

Ok so you ate the candy. Take a deep breath and relax. Today is today, not yesterday.

And I know many facebook Fitness pages, twitter Fitness tweets, fitness gurus are TELLING YOU TO KILL IT IN THE GYM WITH fat-blasting-cardio circuits that will torch off those candy calories….RIGHT?  WRONG!!!

I’m going to give you a NEW ATTITUDE … FIRST lose the GUILT!

I personally do not believe that workouts should be used as PUNISHMENT and I blogged about this topic last year and besides, THAT attitude is more Harmful to your mind; your body and YOU so KNOCK IT OFF!

If you’re like me, you’re gonna eat a few pieces of the candy so Eat it guilt free and then just MOVE ON. I didn’t think about the calories, I just enjoyed a few Snickers and Peanut Butter Cups.

WHAT … you say you can’t eat just a piece or two.  OK now why not?  Tell yourself you can HAVE a piece of candy anytime you like and NO one is going to point their finger at you and NO one is going to take it away from you….BUT YOU!!  get it, it’s YOU you have to talk to and have the conversation with so be nice to yourself.  You wouldn’t lay that guilt on someone else now would you????  of course not!  so this Personal Trainer is telling you to stop.

I offer as one of my services Nutritional Counseling via Skype all over the country and have had this type of conversation with hundreds of mostly women feeling GUILTY.  I have Skype clients who have appointments on a monthly basis for their REALITY CHECK… hey it’s cheaper than a psychiatrist…lol

So take a deep breath, relax, today is just another day.  I hope you are practicing good healty nutrition and you are working out.  After all, “If you don’t take care of your body, where ya gonna live?”

xo Suanne (you can find me here too) 



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