Chubby Dog? or Fat Dog?



FAT Dog? 

I have a girlfriend who rescued an OVERWEIGHT Obese dog. To date, this pupper has lost 20 pounds. She actually feeds her dog veggies with his diet doggie food.  My girlfriend is a runner and fit so she had to exercise her dog slowly every day step by step as not to injure her new buddy.

NOW, her dog can walk 3 miles and is excited to get out there and feel good too. WHAT A LUCKY DOG to get adopted by a FitGirl who truly had the patience & love to give this dog a better life.  KUDOS to my girlfriend Cindy…. you rock sister. 
THIS IS the conversation that prompted me to Blog about Fat Dogs today….  some people say their dog is “chubby” in reality the dog is FAT.  Those same people are overweight and also call themselves, “Chubby”  but in reality they are, well you know, Not Chubby. 
This past week I had a conversation with someone who works for a Veterinarian and she shared what she sees and hears from the doc’s and the BOTTOM LINE is,  it’s really CRUEL to own a dog and not exercise them every single day and then to feed them every time the owner feeds their face PLUS shares their junk food with the dog. 
The Veterinarian says these people should NOT own animals.  IF they don’t have the time to exercise them and feed them right, then they should NOT have one.  
My other girlfriend Dawn is a Dog Walker and she travels to people’s home everyday to walk their dogs while these owners work.  Lucky Dogs again getting in exercise.  Plus she not only walks them, they all get to play too.   
OK so here’s my personal take on the subject…..  Yes, if you own an animal then take responsibility to feed them “their food” once a day and they should get exercise in the morning when they go “potty” and again sometime during the day other than just 5 minutes of throwing a ball to them.  
After all, they are dogs and they love to run around & they love to play.  And who knows, the OWNERS MIGHT LOSE WEIGHT if they exercise their dog.
nuff said  :-X

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