Jump Push Climb CIRCUIT


here it is…another KICK ASS mini circuit for you to ROCK

*15 seconds for BEGINNERS

*30 seconds to 1 minute each exercise if you’ve been doing my circuits and are ADVANCED

~Jump Squats

~Push ups

~Mountain Cimbers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTq2cfppWIc)

~Jump Rope (pretend you have one)

~Side Plank (half the time on one side, switch to other side)

~ABS- pick what you want to do & challenge yourself

there are your 6 exercises – You may take up to 15 second BREAK after each “Round of 6”

COMPLETE up to 5 rounds for ADVANCED (1 round if you’re just beginning)

*Beginners be careful and watch your form and Stop when you need to and recover.

These circuits can be a 10 minute workout or a 30 minute workout depending on YOUR FITNESS LEVEL.

****remember to consult your doc before beginning an exercise program.

Rock On


Jump Squat


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