Killer Butt Circuit – you’ll think of me everytime you sit down ;-)

Kick Ass LOWER BODY circuit    .(the posted picture below show the muscles we are targeting this workout) Nice Glutes for sure ;-)Set timer for 10 minutes – Bang out 10 reps of Each exercise NON-STOP until timer goes… BEEP BEEP BEEP & 10 min is up.TIMED SET
*Lunges (stationary, 10 each leg then switch to next exercise)
*Jump Squats DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM for reps.. Maintain form and REMEMBER you have 10 minutes to go so it’s NOT SPEED its perfect movement for perfect contractions.Jump Squats… LAND SOFTLY to protect knees and STOP before you jump again, DO NOT JUMP UP AND DOWN WITHOUT STOPPING BETWEEN REPS. Can’t do jumping.. KEEP FEET ON THE FLOOR and just do some CONTROLLED SPEED SQUATS.  REMEMBER to Listen to Your body!!!!xo Suanne

You can do this circuit 1 or 2 times a week but be careful and listen to you body and REST when you need it.


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