Kick Ass 6 minute interval

OK here it is.. 4 exercise – 15 second Intervals – 6 rounds

Jump Jacks

Do each movement for 15 seconds
transitions are FAST so move quickly
Complete 6 rounds total

You may take a 15 second break at the end of each round if you feel the need to. I do not!!!!! nor do I let my clients.

Do this up to 5 days a week no more. Complete this interval as your Warm Up to your workout in the gym or increase it to 1 minute each movement to increase this workout to 24 minutes.  (ADD REST PERIODS between each round taking this workout up to 30 minutes)

WHEN you get really good at this…. INCREASE the time to 45 seconds or 1 minute. You may also switch up exercises if you choose too. Instead of a stationary squat, change it to a jump squat.

Rock this Interval
xo Suanne 

kick ass 6 min interval


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