do you want to see your abs??? Here is my Kick you in the ASS Cardio Interval

Here is the CARDIO INTERVAL workout I promised I’d share.

I use the Elliptical for this but you can apply these intervals to walking/running/rowing, jumping rope/ boxing/biking …get creative. 

The whole objective is to BURN as much FAT as you can in a short amount of time. 

Begin with 20 minutes then you can jump to 30. (adjust the times to the program below to meet 20 minutes) 


Below is the 30 minute workout 🙂

*warm up (whatever time you need and BTW, the warm up is NOT on the clock) then begin…….

*Alternate 30 seconds HIGH intensity with 30 seconds LOW intensity for 5 minutes

*Increase to 60 seconds HIGH with 60 seconds LOW for 
4 minutes

*Increase to 90 seconds HIGH with 90 seconds LOW for 
6 minutes

*STEADY PACE for 5 minutes 

*Finish with 60 seconds HIGH and 30 seconds LOW for 
6 minutes.

*COOL DOWN low intensity for 4 30 minutes.

ROCK ON Boyzzzzz and Girlzzzzz 
xo Suanneburn fat to get these


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