Which GAS tank is more important? Your CAR or Your BODY??

Which GAS tank is more important to YOU?  Your Car or Your Body??

so you pull into the gas station and your car manual says you MUST use the highest octane gasoline so your car can run better and you pay that extra money because it is YOUR car and you do want it to run better.  After all, it’ll cost a lot of money to get your car fixed if it doesn’t RUN BETTER.  
then you go into the store and walk past all the ORGANIC veggies, you avoid the ORGANIC food isle because it’s expensive.  You shop for veggies sprayed with pesticides or are GMO generated but that’s ok, it’s cheaper.  You buy pre-packaged foods & prepared foods that someone else made because it’s easier.  After all, you’ve been eating this stuff all your life and so far so good right?  If your body gets sick or even gets cancer THEN MAYBE you’ll start to eat clean so YOUR BODY CAN RUN BETTER, but maybe it’ll be to late.  
here’s my SOAP BOX – INTELLECTUALLY you already KNOW what I will say so unless you’ve been living under a rock and have totally missed ALL the articles  & research done about those types of foods listed above I suggest you start educating yourself.   
keep buying the best FUEL for your car BUT how about you seriously think about FUELING YOUR BODY with the HIGHEST of QUALITY Foods.  

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