you can’t HIDE

you can’t hide from the NUMBERS ON THE SCALE! 

Ya know, people become comfortable during & after weight loss and start to return to old habits… “Oh I can have one of these, two of thoses and so on.”

Then the numbers start to creep UP. BUT but but you’ve not stepped on the scale for how long?

THEN you do step on the scale and BAM, WTH happened.

Don’t get caught up with feeling “to confident” especially when you’re out with friends eating and drinking.REMEMBER the road you’ve traveled to get to where you are now.

ARE YOU DONE?? Don’t ever forget you have FAT CELLS sitting like little pac-men WAITING to chomp down on those extra calories you’re not using. Remind yourself of your GOAL before you leave your house and before you enter the venue for your night out.

Been here, done that! xoxo Suanne


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