LOOK, I have a “HAIRBRUSH” Muscle ;-)

brushing my hair....LOL

brushing my hair…lol


OK WHAT is a hairbrush muscle???  Well actually it’s my “front deltoid” (front part of my shoulder)

After getting “serious” with working out “all the time” back in 1980… this was like, TAAAA’DAAAAAA, totally awesome seeing my first muscle.

I was wearing my towel after my shower and I reached for my hairbrush and BAM…there it was, OMG talk about being excited.   I had finally lost some weight while finally starting to build some muscle so seeeeeeee’ing one was very,  jump UP and DOWN exciting.  I kept reaching for the brush with my right hand, my left hand, my right hand… LOL

Now remember, I was the FAT GIRL in the gym so NO “fitness staff” paid attention to me back then (all men, go figure) while I muddled my way through my workouts training muscles I didn’t know,  #1- I had and #2 -WHAT the hell they were called.  hahahah

I’m writing this because I talk to my “clients” about PATIENCE with training and PATIENCE with weight loss and one day, THEY WILL SEEEEEEE THEIR HAIRBRUSH MUSCLES…yaaaaaaay!

Keep training no matter what size you are, no matter what your nutrition is, no matter how many times a week you can or can’t workout because I promise, one day IF YOU ARE DEDICATED to your workouts & nutrition like I was (am)….YOU too will SEE YOUR HAIRBRUSH MUSCLE.

xoxox Suanne


2 thoughts on “LOOK, I have a “HAIRBRUSH” Muscle ;-)

  1. Suanne, I have taken a lot of anatomy classes in my day and you are the FIRST to call the front deltoid the “hairbrush” muscle. I am still laughing. I love your sense of humor!! Michele

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