some days you just wake up feeling OLD…


I can honesty say, Fitness at my age, I’ll be 60 in 2 months is harder than other days and my body just feels “”…just say’in – t’hehe

There are mornings when I wake up and OOOOOOOOOOh boy; I’m either just tired or super sore from my workout the day before.  AND I know it’s only been 24 hours with the worst yet to come within the next 24 hours.  lol   But it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

At 59, yes my metabolism should be slowing down so I don’t need as many calories to function to be ME & that would SUCK if I didn’t workout because I love to eat.   PUMPING IRON the last 35 years has made it possible for me to RELAX and enjoy indulging and eating out with friends sometimes while having that extra glass of vino.

MUSCLE density (also I refer to years of training as Muscle Maturity) affords me the opportunity to have a metabolism of a 40 something year old with energy beyond some younger women, strong bones and a healthy heart so I can continue to weight train, hike,  cha cha cha, walk, wog, jog and run with friends.

So why am I telling you this??

Even though I’m “Fit” fitness is DIFFERENT, as we get older as I am experiencing.  You may agree or disagree but this is my blog and I’m tell’n ya…, “I’m def not a 20, 30 or even a 40 something anymore”……LOL

I find myself doing some walk recovery during running IF I’m feeling it in my low back, I find my push-up reps are not what they use to be while doing Military Style since my neck surgery and may drop down to my knees to knock out a few more reps, I find even simple strength moves in my gym are a tad more challenging so I am modifying my body position.   RECOVERY may take an extra day or two which is fine by me.

I HAVE TO SAY.. IF I DIDN’T WORKOUT, I’d be such an “Old Lady”…ha!

I live, teach and preach my PASSION.  I want everyone to experience a better, healthier life.  I wish everyone would give fitness a try, give fitness a chance to make a difference so YOU can be Your best YOU that YOU can be!!!!

yeah,  yeah I know we’re all gonna die, but why not do all the physical things you want to do, WHY NOT BE YOUR physically best OFFERING YOURSELF the opportunity a commitment to fitness????   If you are carrying an extra 50+ pounds of FAT on your body…heck even an extra 15 pounds makes it difficult to comfortably bend over and tie you shoes not to mention going hiking, biking, playing with your kids, white water rafting with friends, etc……

I know I’m mostly PREACHING TO THE CHOIR … to YOU who are already fit, on the road to fit, or even thinking about jumping on the fitness bandwagon.  BUT if my words reach just ONE UNFIT PERSON, then I can give a big sigh of AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and an shout out,  HIP HIP HORRRRAAAAY!  Because we all need to PAY IT FORWARD.


ya know, you don’t have to do 1-hour everyday.  If you do nothing now, then just 10 minutes a day in 5 days is 50 minutes of some type if exercise in 1 week which is  MORE than you did last week, right?  it is Better than nothing, then you move forward from there.

…Monday starts my client week training Fabulous WOMEN who have decided to change their lives, to be the best they can be and to dedicate 1 hour for themselves. YAAAY THEM!!!!

Women AND Men who do everything for everyone are FINALLY finding the time for themselves; Women and Men who normally take NO, “ME”  time are FINALLY REALIZING that if they don’t take care of themselves, they’re screwed!   Reach out to the women and men who are  STUCK AT HOME, STUCK AT WORK, STUCK IN FAT, STUCK IN TIRED, STUCK IN SICK and “Tell them” to make the time for themselves.  INVITE THEM to go to the Gym or to go for a Walk with you.

Ya’ll are gonna be MY AGE someday (if you’re not there already) and I want you to have a Revved up Metabolism so you can enjoy your BODY,  your food and fun and I want you to have a STRONG BODY so you can LIVE your LIFE to the fullest and GOD WILLING, we all live a LONG LIFE.

remember… IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO START.  My client Miss Gayle started training at 70 ;-)))

xoxo Suanne come see me here too


2 thoughts on “some days you just wake up feeling OLD…

  1. I feel the aches and pains too, now that I am in my 50’s. But I cannot imagine how much worse I would feel if I wasn’t fit! Some days are such a drag to get moving and do something physical…………….but like you said, so totally worth it!

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