baggie of popcorn  Did you know I INVENTED the 100-calorie snack bag…..hahaha well I like to think I did.

I started “STASHING”  back in the 80’s with my little baggies all over the kitchen counter COUNTING out almonds & scooping out raisins.  My husband would say I looked like a DRUG DEALER methodically counting & measuring my STASH. wink wink!

Let me just say 100 CALORIE bags are NOT CREATED EQUAL…My baggies are full of whole grain, organic (if you can), natural foods that I PUT TOGETHER.

THOSE “other bags” are full of empty sugar laden calories with ingredients you can’t even pronounce or identify and they add up to 100 calories of…..errrrrr……ummmmmm, JUNK FOOD/CHEMICALS that contribute to our bodies becoming/staying fat & sick.  I call those bags, “100 Calorie SHIT STORM snacks”.. HAHA  (heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few)

100 calories vs. 100 calories – if you must buy packaged snacks choose items that are FREE from HFCS  (high fructose corn syrup), FREE from trans fats and  INGREDIENTS you can IDENTIFY and pronounce.   good luck with that!

OR you can start making your own STASH PACKS.

SUGGESTIONS for ON THE GO STASH SNACK PACKS to put in your baggies.

  •  air popped POPCORN
  • almonds are 7 calories each so take 10 = 70 calories and 2 tablespoons of raisins =  60 calories. WELLA you have 130 calorie snack
  • measure out 100 calories of your favorite crunchy organic cereal
  • baby bell lite Laughing Cow cheese (2 lite bells)
  • of course fresh veggies you love
  • ½ peanut butter sandwich
  • organic cookies or ones you’ve made
  • Unique Pretzels has a new pretzel – Whole Grain Sprouted Pretzels or SPELT pretzels
  • here’s a nice little mix with some heat…2 Tablespoon wasabi peas, 2 teaspoon dried sugar-free cranberries & 2 teaspoon peanuts or nuts you like
  • 28 grapes  (put this bag in the freezer)  FROZEN GRAPES ARE TOTALLY AWESOME.. mmm
  • 1 small banana (you can freeze this too without the skin and cut in half  wrapped in wax paper & placed in freezer)
  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 1 small orange
  • and the LIST GOES ON

It’s really not that bad to take the time to put YOUR little STASH BAGS together, just keep your blinds closed so your neighbors don’t call the POLICE. 🙂

Lastly…become a label reader so you can make wise choices for you and your family when buying or making your own snacks.

Snack on,

xoxox Suanne

you can also find me here 


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