Saaaaaaay WHAT? I’m “MATRONLY” …when did that happen?


MY ANSWER:   I lost the same 60 pounds a few times. YA KNOW, for me, ONE  of my lightbulb moments was when a Sales Women brought me clothes to try on in a dressing room and said with my “MATRONLY” body it’s hard to dress “young” and I was HELLO 25 years old …. ugh  so pissed me off that I let myself get to this point.

THAT ya’all  is when my journey began 31 years ago with many, many stumbles along the way, UNTIL I learned what to do and what WORKED FOR ME.

I think the BEST THING I ever did was to take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. “BEING OVERWEIGHT”  was MY Title, then I wrote the Healthy Weight Pro’s in the RIGHT Column  & the Overweight Con’s in the LEFT column.

Down the PRO side, I listed the Benefits of being a healthy weight…I bet you can list 10 right off the top of your head and then on the CON side……list ALL THE LIABILITIES of being overweight and again, I bet you can write down 10 off the top of your head.  WOWOWOWOW what a revelation I had..and this was stuff I already knew.

OK, so WHY am I telling you this???

do I want you to do this (?) IF you already KNOW these things?????

Hell yes!!

YOU are writing in your own words INFORMATION you KNOW & are AWARE of. This is like doing HOMEWORK when you were in school (and HOLY COW, for some of us that was like for’ever ago.)  Remember when you handed in your homework and you got an “A” you continue to strive for that good grade…now translate that to THIS assignment.

YOU already got the “A” for knowing all this INFORMATION so look, really LOOK at what you wrote. What column jumps out at you….Hopefully Column “PRO” has enough benefits to help keep you focused on better nutrition & CHOICES. And I hope COLUMN “CON” SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF YOU to help turn this “gain/lose” cycle around.

HANG your HOMEWORK PROUD on your fridge or in your bathroom or by your make up mirror.

WHEREVER you see it everyday.

….xo Suanne  (see me here too)


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